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Google Chrome 10 Release

Google Chrome 10 Release

Posted: 14-Mar-2011

On Tuesday the 8th of March, Google announced the release of the stable version of their new web browser. Version 10 of Chrome sees a significant increase in speed over previous versions by 66% (improvement in JavaScript performance on the V8 benchmark suite). A new, simpler interface is also part of the performace improvements to the Chrome browser.

Among the security improvements to the browser, Google announced: "For those of you who save your passwords in the browser, you can now quickly log on to the websites you frequent even when you switch computers, by simply synchronizing those passwords across your computers. You can also encrypt those passwords with your own secret passphrase for extra security. To enable sync on each of your computers, visit the “Personal Stuff” section in Chrome’s settings (or just type “sync” in the settings search box). You can also choose to sync bookmarks, extensions, preferences, themes and more." Other Chrome 10 improvements are:

  • New version of V8 - Crankshaft - which greatly improves javascript performance
  • New settings pages that open in a tab, rather than a dialog box
  • Sandboxed Adobe Flash on Windows
  • GPU Accelerated Video
  • Background WebApps
  • webNavigation extension API (experimental but ready for testing)

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