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MySQL 5.0 Release

MySQL 5.0 Release

Posted: 12-Nov-2005

Following the release of the much anticipated version 5.0 of the popular open-source database MySQL, we have upgraded our web hosting servers to feature this new version.

MySQL 5.0 delivers dozens of new enterprise features, including:

  • Stored Procedures and SQL Functions -- to embed business logic in the database and improve performance;
  • Triggers -- to enforce complex business rules at the database level;
  • Views -- to ensure protection of sensitive information;
  • Cursors -- to allow easier database development and reference of large datasets;
  • Information Schema -- to provide easy access to metadata;
  • XA Distributed Transactions -- supports complex transactions across multiple databases in heterogeneous environments;
  • SQL Mode -- provides server-enforced data integrity for new and existing data;
  • New Federated and Archive Storage Engines -- MySQL's unique pluggable storage engine architecture allows greater flexibility, functionality and performance by making it easy to swap database engines in and out, based on users' application requirements;
  • New Migration Toolkit -- A new graphical toolkit that completely migrates all data and objects from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and other database platforms to MySQL;
  • Instance Manager -- new management assistant that allows remote starting/stopping of any MySQL Server, as well as remote editing of configuration files, reading of error and query logs, and more;
  • Updated Connectors and Visual Tools -- new high-performance versions of MySQL's ODBC, Java and .NET database drivers are now available, along with updated versions of the MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Administrator.

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