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Zend Studio 8 Release

Zend Studio 8 Release

Posted: 05-Nov-2010

The 2nd of November 2010 marks the release of Zend Studio 8.0 the popular PHP integrated development environment (IDE). Send Studio 8.0 has been designed to maximize developer productivity by enabling you to develop and maintain code faster, solve application problems quickly and improve team collaboration. It provides more value to JavaScript programmers with out of the box awarness of ExtJs, Prototype, jQuery and Dojo libraries. It allows for Web browser perspective and web page analysis in CSS, DOM source and event and JSDoc view. The new version includes comprehensive PHP and JavaScript debugging, built-in unit testing and Zend Server integration for application monitoring and diagnostics. Zend 8.0 also supports the latest technology including PHP 5.3 and boasts a range of team-oriented development features.

At Tektonic Internet we develop mostly for the open source, LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP) and Zend Studio 8.0 is allowing us to keep pace with and benefit from the introduction of PHP 5.3 while enabling us to develop robust and consistent web applications.

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