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Effective Negotiating Services (ENS)

ENS web site developed by Tektonic expert website design expert website development Tektonic web site development Tektonic expert web site design
Tektonic web project

The Project

ENS International is a world-wide network of accomplished negotiation practitioners who provide consultation, expert advise and organise training seminars. Tektonic was entrusted to design and develop their website and to create the online look of the brand based on the existing logo.

Tektonic web solution

The Solution

Information Architecture techniques are used to break down and organise the large amount of information needed to appear on the website. The navigation is broken down in three levels with one of the level shown only in relation to which page the visitors is viewing. There are a large number of forms employed on the website, some of them used for registration to events around the world, some of them used by visitors to request information or to join the ENS network. These forms make use of relational pull-down menus in order to show only the relevant information based on selections already made. On-page search engine optimisation are employed to help the website rank well in the major search engines.

Tektonic web design

The Result

The website is very successful from the perspective of information gathering and accessibility as well as increasing the number of registrations received to ENS public programs. The ENS staff makes extensive use of the website to register attendants to events, gather and analyse registration data and use the results to plan future events. ENS consultant all over the world also use the website as a documentation resource and as a tool to communicate with the ENS HQ in Sydney via the database and the related database forms.

Tektonic web technology

Technology Used

  • Information Architecture
  • Web Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Registration Forms with Relational Pull-down Menus
  • Information Gathering & Database Storage
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