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seo case study

Tektonic Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Case Study

Freshly Squeezed Water
SEO implementation and monitoring with Google Analytics

Tektonic SEO client

The Client

SEO client

Freshly Squeezed Water is an Australian leading manufacturer and retailer of water filtration solutions. Freshly Squeezed Water offers a large range of filters for the home, the farm or caravans and well as related filtration installation accessories and faucets.

Tektonic SEO project

The Project

SEO project

The Freshly Squeezed Water website has to be optimised to increase its search engine ranking, the number of visitors and prospects. Keywords had to be identified and used efficiently in the website copy to cover the whole product range and especially to promote caravan, RV and camping water purification systems. A number of SEM strategies also had to be implemented in parallel with the SEO efforts.

Tektonic SEO solution

The Solution

SEO solutions

The keywords analysis identified the key-phrases "water filter", "water filtration", "filtration", "water purifier" and their variations as having priority for the SEO process. The keywords "caravan" and "traveller" were also identified as presenting opportunity for high ranking. The key-phrase "freshly squeezed" which represents part of the business brand also has to be promoted together with the other keywords.

The website is optimised by building both internal and external links, as well as using on-page optimisation techniques such as the modification of META tags and other relevant tags. Blogs on three topics in context with the website copy are added and promoted throughout the site. The 'Breaking News" and "Water Alerts" blogs are selected to be updated very often and to increase the number of outbound links. The on-page SEO strategy includes the use of quotes so as to increase keyword density and the opportunity for outbound links.

A Google Analytics account is setup to facilitate visitor traffic and the conversions monitoring and also to enable optimisation by tracking high performance keywords and exploit the opportunities identified. A link exchange campaign is devised and implemented.

Tektonic SEO results

The Results

SEO result

After the on-page optimisation is completed and the blogs are setup and new content is added, the website ranks high in search engines with particularly good results on the first results page of Bing, Yahoo and Google. The target keywords produce very good results and the key-phrase "freshly squeezed" which is part of the brand gains visibility in search engines.

optimisation results on-page optimization results

Using Google Analytics we track Goal Conversion for visits and inquiries regarding caravan water filtration and other portable water filtration solutions. The conversion rate exceeds 80% of the total visits to the site, which represent a remarkable result and translates in increased sales for the site owner.

SEO monitoring