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Tektonic was involved in the design, development, update or SEO implementation of the sites listed here. In most cases Tektonic was involved from the planning stages of the web strategy and is still maintaining the website in a webmaster and web-host role.

All our development work is XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.1 or 5 and CSS 2.1 or 3 compliant as well as optimised for search engine ranking.

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Designed and engineered specifically for the recreational vehicle industry, Magic ThermoPot represents the very best in portable thermal cookware

The website showcases the advantage of using ThermoPot we travelling and presents the range of accessories offered.

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Travelling Man

Tektonic developed the Travelling Man website and optimised it for search engine ranking. The site has an image gallery and a travel article repository.

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Fixall Silicone Tape

Fixall Silicone Tape is Australia's leading premium quality silicone self fusing tape.

The site is developed using the Tektonic CMS to support dynamic content management for showcase events and product catalogue and includes an ecommerce module to generate online sales.

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Tektonic Hosting

Tektonic Hosting is is the domain registration and web hosting branch of Tektonic Internet and Multimedia.

We have designed, developed and optimised our own website.

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Eminescu Festival

Eminescu Festival is a bilingual literature and art festival of the Eminescu Cultural Association of Australia.

The website showcases the activity of the cultural association and is used to promote coming events and the festival program.

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